Talent Initiatives

GRADForce KC -- Local College Access Network serving the Kansas City region. The network is composed of education and community-based organizations focused on improving educational attainment and creating a talent pipeline for economic and civic vitality. 

KC Degrees -- Online portal that connects adults in the Kansas City region, age 25 and older, to quality credentials and degrees by providing comprehensive career and education advising services and referrals to community organizations to help address barriers to success, including financial, family and/or academic barriers. 

KC Rising -- A collaborative effort of the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City, the Kansas City Area Development Council, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and Mid-America Regional Council. It focuses on three key drivers of regional prosperity — trade, ideas and people — which are enabled by infrastructure, governance and equity. 

MARC Annual Workforce and Education Summit-- An annual event, this summit brings together thought leaders, educators and organizations working in the areas of education and workforce development. This event occurs in December of each year.

Real World Learning -- Redesigning high school so graduates are more prepared for the workforce. Interested in a micro-area approach to connecting businesses and students for potential client projects. RWL identifies innovative education practices from outside the region and supports their implementation.  Focus on building towards scale so that all students have the experiences designed to advance their future.

Regional Workforce Intelligence Network --  RWIN provides coordination around comprehensive workforce challenges with particular emphasis on non-traditional talent, and provides its stakeholders with data for decision-making through a monthly newsletter, presentations and reports at KCWorkforce.org.

Welcoming America -- This plan works to make the metro a more welcoming and inclusive place for all with a particular emphasis on immigrants, refugees and underrepresented population. The goal is to develop a five year strategic plan to make Kansas City a “certified” welcoming city through the Welcoming America organization in addition to making Kansas City more inviting to all.