1. Administration

    County Administrator, County Budgets, Procurement

  2. Airport

    County Airport, Aviation Fuel, T-Hangars

  3. Appraisal / Reappraisal

    County Appraiser, Personal Property, Real Property

  4. Code Services

    Building Inspections, Environmental Health, Codes Court

  5. Community Corrections

    Adult Intensive Supervision Probation, Juvenile Intensive Supervision Probation, Community Case Management, Juvenile Intake & Assessment, and Prevention Services.

  6. Community Health Department

    Immunizations, WIC, Daycare Licensing, Women's Health

  7. County Attorney

    Domestic Violence, Victim Aid, Bad Check Prosecution

  8. County Clerk / Elections

    County Clerk, Elections, Open Records, Boards

  9. County Counselor

    County Counselor, Tax Foreclosure Sales

  10. County Treasurer / Motor Vehicle

    Motor Vehicle, Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax

  11. Economic Development

    Start, Expand or Relocate a Business, Tourism & Events

  12. Emergency Medical Services

    Ambulance, Chaplain Services, CPR Classes, Vial of Life

  1. Fiscal Services

    Fiscal Services

  2. GIS / Mapping

    Geographical Information Systems, Maps, Property Location

  3. Household Hazardous Waste

    Household Hazardous Waste

  4. Human Resources

    Employment Opportunities, Employee Support

  5. Information Systems

    County Technology Support

  6. Noxious Weeds

    Noxious Weeds

  7. Planning & Zoning

    Planning & Zoning, Comprehensive Plan, Regulations

  8. Register of Deeds

    Register of Deeds, Tax Liens, Ownership Records

  9. Road & Bridge

    Road & Bridge, Engineering, Utility Permits

  10. Sheriff

    Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, County Jail

  11. Solid Waste

    County Transfer Station