Personal Property

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What is Personal Property?

A key characteristic of personal property is the ability to move it without damage to either the property or the real estate to which it sits. Personal property becomes real property only if it is affixed in such a way that it loses its original condition. Personal property may be leased, loaned, rented, cosigned or owned. 

Automobiles and most recreational vehicles (R.V.'s) are classed and taxed at the time of registration for license plate or renewal decal. 

Types of Personal Property that Need to be Filed with the Appraiser's Office

Below is a list of common items that should be filed. This is not a complete list, so if you have questions as to if something should be filed please contact the Appraiser's Office. 
  • Airplanes / Helicopters
  • All other trailers tagged or not tagged
  • Antique vehicles not tagged for the road
  • ATV's / UTV's (including 3 & 4 Wheelers) / Dirt Bikes
  • Boats / Sailboats, boat motors and boat trailers
  • Boat lifts and Hydro ports
  • Camping / 5th Wheel / Pop-ups trailers not considered RVs or not tagged as an RV. 
  • Golf carts
  • Horse trailers not tagged as an RV. 
  • Hot air balloons
  • Jet ski and jet ski trailers
  • Machinery (backhoes, trenchers, skid steers, etc...
  • Mobile Homes / Manufactured Homes NOT on a permanent foundation.
  • Motorized bicycles
  • Motorcycles that are not tagged
  • Non-highway / Title only vehicles (stored or under repair)
  • Side by Sides
  • Slide-in  truck campers
  • Snowmobiles
  • Trucks with a 16M or heavier weight tag
  • Oil & Gas wells and equipment used in the operation of an oil & gas well.
  • Overseas Shipping Containers

Business Personal Property

Business personal property would include all equipment, machinery, tools, office equipment, and furniture used in any type of business, whether in an office or conducted out of an individual’s home. Items of machinery and equipment, materials, and supplies with a retail cost new of $1500 or less is expressly exempt from taxation. In addition, all machinery and equipment that is acquired after June 30, 2006, via a bona fide purchase or is transported into the state for expansion of an existing new business is expressly exempt from taxation.

Listing Requirements

Every person, association, company or corporation who shall own or hold, subject to his or her control, any tangible personal property shall list said property for assessment. (K.S.A. 79-303.) In Kansas, you are taxed on what you own on January 1 of any given year.

In addition, if the owner has someone else prepare the tax statement form (rendition) the owner must also sign and certify that the information presented therein is true and correct. (K.S.A. 79-304)

All tangible personal property subject to taxation shall be listed and assessed as of the first day of January of each year. (K.S.A. 301)

Remember: It is your responsibility to file this information with the County Appraiser's Office by March 15th of each year to avoid a penalty.

Property Subject to taxation can be assessed for the year it was discovered and the prior two years. 

What Penalties Apply to Personal Property?

If the personal property is not listed or if the rendition is untimely filed, the County Appraiser is required by law to apply an applicable penalty. These penalties are set forth in K.S.A. 79-1422 and K.S.A. 79-1427(a) as follows:

Penalty Schedule

Filed March 16th through April 15th 5%
Filed April 16th through May 15th 10%
Filed May 16th through June 15th 15%
Filed June 16th through July 15th  20%
Filed July 16th though March 15th of the following year 25%
Failure to file 50%

Situs Rules and Proration

Personal property items will be assessed for the full year if they were located in Miami County on January 1st. Exceptions to this are listed below. 

  • A motor vehicle (non-highway and 16M or heavier tagged truck) is prorated for time owned if purchased before September 1 or sold anytime during the year. All prorations require a valid bill of sale.
  • Watercraft (boats, motors, boat trailers, jet skis) are prorated based on the number of months owned during the year. The owner of record is to notify the county appraiser within 30 days of acquisition or sale of watercraft items by submitting a bill of sale. To receive the proration, this bill of sale must be submitted on or before December 20th in the year of the sale. All prorations require a valid bill of sale. You must cancel your KA# when you sell your watercraft. 
  • All watercraft shall be listed and taxed in the taxing district in which the property is stored. Property in transit should be listed in the taxing district where the owner resides. Property in transit includes watercraft located outside the state of Kansas on January 1st, if such watercraft is covered by the federally approved numbering system administered by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks Division but you store the boat and/or trailer in a different county, you will need to notify both counties to avoid being taxed twice for the same boat. Your KA number should reflect where your watercraft is stored. 
  • All other personal property (not including mobile homes and commerical personal property) examples include trailers (all), campers (untagged RV or all campers non-RV), ATV's, motorized bicycles, golf carts, aircraft and miscellaneous items, i.e., back-hoes, loaders, boat lifts, truck beds and shipping / storage containers will also be prorated starting January 1, 2023. To receive the proration, a bill of sale must be submitted on or before December 20th in the year of the sale. All prorations require a valid bill of sale.

Appraisal Process

How different types of personal property are appraised:

  • Mobile / Manufactured Homes are appraised each year based on data obtained from current market sales of mobile. The appraised value is then taken times 11.5% to arrive at the assessed value. If you just purchased a mobile or manufactured home, please register the home with the Appraiser's Office.
  • Trucks tagged with 16M tags and 20M tags are appraised the same as a 12M truck with a countywide levy. Taxes are not paid at the time of registration, however they are paid at the end of the year through a tax statement like other personal property. The assessment rate is 20%.
  • Watercraft is appraised at market value using guides and publications as prescribed by the State of Kansas Property Valuation Department. The assessment rate is 5%
  • Business Equipment and Machinery is taxed based on cost. A taxing factor is applied to the Retail Cost New Price to determine appraised value. A used factor and the taxing factor are both applied to a used price to determine the market value. The assessment rate is 25%.
  • All Other Personal Property is appraised using guides and publications as prescribed by the State of Kansas Property Valuation Department. The assessment rate is 30%.
  • Mineral Leasehold Interests, except oil leasehold interest with the average daily production from which is five barrels or less and gas leasehold interest with the average daily production from which is 100 mcf or less. The assessment rate is 30%.

Forms for Filing Personal Property

If you need a personal property rendition form, you can print one from here: Rendition Forms

It is not required that you use a State of Kansas bill of sale, but links are located here: General Bill of Sale or Watercraft Bill of Sale

Tax Calendar for Personal Property

Assessment Date January 1st

Deadline to report all personal property March 15th

Deadline to report oil and gas April 1st

County to notify taxpayer of value May 1st

Deadline for taxpayer to appeal value May 15th 

Buying and Selling Personal Property

When selling or purchasing personal property be sure to document that sale with a bill of sale. Proratable personal property after October 1st of the sale year will require a bill of sale. 

Additional Questions

If you have questions about any type of personal property please feel free to call our office at 913-294-3098 and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.