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Real Estate/Personal Property 

Tax statements were mailed on November 14th, 2023.  Miami County only mails statements out once a year.   If you have not received your tax statement by the first week of December, please give us a call so we can re-mail you your statement.  

To view your Real Estate &/or Personal Property Tax Information click on the following link:  

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Search 


 Motor Vehicle & Driver's License Appointments    

To schedule an appointment for Motor Vehicle or Driver's License, scan the code, click below on Schedule an Appointment, or call 913-294-4164.  Driver's License is closed daily from 12pm to 1pm. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged and will be waited on first at their appointed times. Walk-ins are subject to availability, and we do not accept title work or Driver's License walk-ins after 4p.m.  Walk-ins will need to stop at the Kiosk in the hallway or the information desk to get in line. Your appointment will be cancelled if you are 15 minutes or more late for your appointment.

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We are still offering other options for dropping off your title work. Please note, any drop off transactions are being processed after our normal business hours. With the current backlog, it will take some time for staff to process the transactions, please be patient. 

County Treasurer

The county treasurer is an elected official. Responsibilities include tax billing, collection, and distribution of local tax money for the state, county, cities, schools, and other taxing entities within the county that levy ad valorem and/or special assessment taxes.

This also includes managing all other moneys belonging to the county and/or directed by law to be paid to the treasurer. In addition, the Treasurer serves as an agent for the State Department of Revenue / Division of Vehicles regarding the administration of the state motor vehicle title and registration laws.

Accepted Methods of Payment

Accepted methods of payment are cash, check, money order, and credit cards. A convenience fee will be charged by the credit card processing center in addition to the total of your transaction. (The county does not retain any portion of this fee.) Every measure of safety and reliability has been implemented in regards to this transaction process. We do not accept American Express.

Drop Box Location

Payments made by check or money order, can be placed in our drop box that is located on the south side of the Miami County Administration Building or mailed to this office.