Household Hazardous Waste

What are household hazardous materials?
If a label has any of these words, Warning, Caution, Poison, &/or Danger, then the product has ingredients that may have one or more of the following hazardous characteristics: corrosive, reactive, toxic, flammable or explosive.

Materials Accepted
Outdoor Products 
Pesticides-herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, roach & mouse poison, etc.
Automotive Products 
Used motor oil, anti-freeze, automotive batteries, brake fluid, car waxes, carburetor cleaner, lubricants, gasoline, etc.
Household Products 
Bleach, cleaners, disinfectants, mothballs, furniture polish, shoe polish, arts & crafts materials, etc.
Latex paint, oil base paint, stains & finishes, paint remover, paint thinner, spray paint, wood preservatives, etc.
Pool chemicals, muriatic acid, etc.
Photo developing chemicals, etc.

Materials Not Accepted
Radioactive waste
Medical waste

Re-use Program
Limited quantities of usable products such as spray paint, car wax, oil based paints or stains and pesticides are available to organized groups and the general public. Re-mixed latex paint may also be available for exterior building painting. Re-use products are available for pick-up during regular hours of operation.