Cy & Dee's Blackberries

28615 Rockville Road, Louisburg

Welcome to our blackberry farm. We have more than 1400 thornless plants. Come and see our trellises and dripline watering system. Plants are ready to bloom and berries ripen mid-July through August. You pick or we pick. Plan it as a family outing. Tomatoes and sweet corn in season.

SPECIAL NOTE - The recent rains are making it interesting for the farm tour stops as they prepare to see you. But, Cy and Dee are facing a bigger challenge. Their 20-year-old blackberry plants have been hit by something causing most of them to not leaf out this spring. That is part of farming -- and they are working to find the culprit. While they will be open tour weekend, Cy and Dee want everyone to know there just may not be much to see at their stop.
Cy and Dee