Middle Creek Winery at New Lancaster General Store

Stephen and Kristin Graue
Middle Creek Winery at New Lancaster General Store
36688 New Lancaster Road  Paola, KS    66071   (913) 377-4689
newlancaster1874@gmail.com     www.newlancastergeneralstore.com 

Established in 1874 as a farmer's coop, the General Store is now restored and listed on the National Historic Registry. Once a creamery, the old store traded in milk, butter, chickens, eggs and grain. Today the old store even features Middle Creek Winery wines, as well as other Kansas products, local art and antiques. Come tour living agricultural history.

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Private Tours Available: Yes Tour Fee: No      Availability: By advance appointment only.
How to Book: newlancaster1874@gmail.com

On Farm Tour weekend, you can expect: Tours featuring old creamery, foundations of original ice house, outhouse with explanations of rural life before electricity including point out old games, old dolls and old music. Live old-time fiddling will be featured both farm tour days.