Sweet Streams Lavender

Joe and Christina Blincoe
Sweet Streams Lavender
12233 W. 233rd St. Bucyrus, KS 66013 (913) 963-7275
sweetstreamslavender@gmail.com www.sweetstreamslavender.com 

Sweet Streams Lavender is a family owned and operated lavender farm located in Bucyrus, Kansas. We are dedicated to growing lavender, herbs, trees, wildflowers and raising bees.  We are committed to using sustainable practices that preserve and enhance the land. A thriving ecosystem and healthy soil is the foundation on which our farm continues to grow and we find ways to improve. We grow, harvest, handcraft, package, and ship all our organic and natural products right from our home to yours and we’re proud to grow different types of lavender with thousands of plants on the farm! The breathtaking nature surrounding our home and farm and the beautiful lavender, cultivates a fresh, new getaway to experience. To provide the wellness and relaxation we all need. We have a passion for sharing our story of putting into action a sustainable lavender farm where we live. We look forward to sharing the beauty of our farm with you.

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On Farm Tour weekend, you can expect: The Lavender tour consists of walking through the lavender field, learning about the different varieties of lavender, what they are used for and how to cut and propagation. We will then take our guests on a tour of our newly built greenhouse where we will show the proper soil, lighting and temperature for growing lavender in the Midwest. Photos are welcome along the way. We will also tour through the herb and food garden where you will learn how to grow and start a sustainable garden right on your property.