Protest Payments

One appeal is allowed per parcel per tax year. The Payment Under Protest option is available if:
  • The Miami County appraiser has not held a value hearing (spring of the year) on the parcel for that tax year
  • The property has a new owner of record after the time frame for the value appeal process in the spring
Filing Procedures
Protest forms are available in the treasurer’s office, or can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Application with instructions
  • For more detailed instruction or information, click here.
  • Tax protest forms must be completed and submitted to the treasurer’s office by December 20, either with the payment or having at least first half tax being paid by December 20. After that deadline, any protest must be filed at the time taxes are paid (if an escrow agent pays the taxes in full by December 20, the form must be filed by January 31). The form must be signed. Missing signatures may delay and possibly even void the filing of the protest.
  • A Declaration of Representation Form is required if someone is acting on behalf of the owner of record in these proceedings.
Upon receipt of the completed form(s) the Miami County Appraiser’s Office will contact the owner / representative to schedule an informal hearing.