Community Efforts

Shop Your Hometown
Convenience, product quality, price, and customer service are likely considerations when planning a major shopping outing or even a quick stop somewhere to grab a single item.
 We realize that there are some things you may not be able to purchase in your hometown, but when it is something you can purchase within your city or school district boundaries, we hope you do. Those firms are usually the first ones to be asked for donations to school projects, youth organizations, or senior programming, so your support is critical to them - and the community.

Iowa - Setting the Example
 Franklin County, Iowa,  did the math. There are 15,000 people in the north central Iowa region. It was estimated that the average person used 105 rolls of toilet paper each year. The estimated annual sales of that one item, would keep almost $2 million dollars in the county and would generate $140,000 in sales taxes. Based on estimated actual local sales of toilet paper in the region, community leaders projected they were capturing less than 20% of available sales. They have centered their shop local campaign on this simple message - small things can have a large impact.

Find Chamber Support

Our local Chambers of Commerce actively support their hometowns. You can see each one's shop local efforts on the individual websites: