Current Applications

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NOTE: Application materials are subject to change as applicants receive feedback on their proposals.  County staff will endeavor to keep the site as up-to-date as possible. 


Public Hearing – 22002-Z: Agricultural (AG) to Countryside (CS)

Consideration of an application to rezone approximately 160 acres from Agricultural (AG) to Countryside (CS), in accordance with Section 22 of the Miami County, Kansas Zoning Regulations.  The subject property is located at the southeast corner of 271st St and Crescent Hill Rd, in the Northwest Quarter of Section 27, Township 16, Range 22, Richland Twp.  Submitted by Charles D Klaasmeyer II, property owner of record.


Public Hearing – 22011-CUP: Chris Cakes

Consideration of a request for conditional use permit for the operation of a catering business per Section 6-2.02.33 of the Miami County Zoning Regulations. The subject property of approximately 20 acres is located at the southwest corner of 247th St and State Line Rd, in the Southwest Quarter of Section 2, and part of the Northwest Quarter of Section 11, Township 16S, Range 25E, Wea Township.  Submitted by Mark and Amanda Shore, property owners of record. 


Public Hearing – 23001-TA: Retail Sale of Agricultural Equipment

Consideration of draft amendments to the Zoning Regulations of Miami County, Kansas, pertaining to the Retail Sale of Agricultural Equipment.   Affected regulations include Article 2, Definitions; Article 5, Countryside District; Article 6, Agricultural District; and Article 14, Conditional Uses.