Miami County E-Community

Miami_Co_EC_LogoWhat is an E-Community?

During the summer of 2019, a coalition of community and business leaders applied for and were selected to become one of the state’s newest

What does that mean?

With the support of the county commissioners, members of the advisory board they appoint for economic development are now leading a coalition of people focused specifically on helping new and second stage businesses. As a partnership NetWork Kansas, the group will facilitate a locally-controlled revolving loan fund to supply entrepreneurs with capital. They will also now have increased access and limited funding for training and technical support. 

An informational brochure about the program is available here, and a summary of the loan program is available here.

How can I get involved in the educational opportunities?

NetWork Kansas Board Certified Programs are designed to generate entrepreneurial activity in a community. Members of the local group are reviewing existing efforts to see what might be the best match for Miami County. A full list of Network Kansas Board Certified Programs can be found here.

More E-Community Programs and Resources