Pulse Surveys

s a method of continuing to gain input from local businesses, Miami County has contracted with Ady Advantage to conduct a Pulse Survey of businesses to gather information on the economic climate and challenges facing business owners. 

The third round was completed in September. In the report, more than 70 percent of businesses expressed concern over how the pandemic may impact their operations go into the winter. Ady Advantage-Miami County Pulse Survey 3 vFINAL 101520_Page_2

Beyond the pandemic, business owners cited the availability of housing as an area of concern when recruiting and retaining employees. The affordability and availability of broadband were also noted.

Ady Advantage-Miami County Pulse Survey 3 vFINAL 101520_Page_1

Despite concerns about the economic climate, their anticipated level of need for financial assistance remains steady.

Ady Advantage-Miami County Pulse Survey 3 vFINAL 101520_Page_4

While some of the survey questions will remain the same in each round to establish trends, many of survey questions will be updated to gather new insights from businesses.