Miami County’s community leaders are aware of how their decisions impact the region’s economic climate. They strive to maintain stable tax rates while still investing in needed infrastructure and services.

Review the region’s overall economic health with these reports:

Economic Climate
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Local and County Business Patterns
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The Mid-America Regional Council tracks labor and employment data for the county. Their profile report provides interactive features with data regarding commuting patterns, educational attainment, unemployment rate, employment by industry, most requested occupations, industries most likely to hire and the top skills requested by employers. 

Assessed Valuations

 2018 2017 2016 2015 201420132012 
Fontana$1,167,004$1,115,610 $1,117,538 $1,089,332$1,082,294 $1,055,129$1,067,787 
Louisburg$44,184,087$41,014659 $39,241,267 $37,840,750$37,268,922 $36,926,640 $37,227,099
Osawatomie$23,242,472$22,370,979 $22,062,081 $22.278,593$22,265,267 $22,523,893 $22,720,472
Paola$50,795,424 $48,423,614 $46,965,576 $45,979,342$45,485,387 $45,460,013 $45,623,917
Spring Hill*$24,363,423$22,583,471  $21,402,271 $20,135,162$19,812,183 $19,236,924 $19,364,066
Miami County$405,166,352$380,337,795 $366,730,274 $357,135,516$344,723,397 $344,515,281 $346,368,753

*Miami County portion

Source: Miami County Clerk's Office