Direct Family Aid

From the funding, about $1.8 million has been set aside for direct assistance to local residents who need of support related to childcare, food, rent, utilities and adult education expenses. Funds were also set aside to support daycare providers.

The adult educational expenses include courses offered by Paola Adult Education and these courses offered by Johnson County Community College. If you are interested in training from another provider, please reach out to ECKAN for verification of eligibility. 

These programs will be managed in partnership with ECKAN; and applications can be submitted here.

As part of the funding, income guidelines have been broadened to include families who are within 200% of poverty level. Eligibility must be verified by ECKAN. Generally speaking, that guideline includes families who fall within the categories listed below.

CARES income

If you need rental assistance and your income exceeds these limits, consider the Kansas Eviction Prevention Program managed by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation.